Talent Knows No Limits
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" Socializing with other employees during the work day helps them to see beyond their own disabilities and brings joy to their lives."

Resources for Veterans



Hire Heroes USA is a link to career opportunities nationwide for returning service veterans.

The Job Connections Army Wounded Warrior Program links severely wounded soldiers and employers. Includes listing of employers and contacts.

The U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program links severely wounded soldiers and employers.

Ideal Military Hire has an online Military Skills Translator tool that automatically converts military ranks, skills and experience into the corresponding civilian skills that employers are looking for.

Recruitmilitary.com is a recruiting firm that is focused solely on matching up military veterans and their spouses with employers across the world.

Military.com has extensive links and information on tuition assistance for education and on employers looking to hire veterans, including the wounded.

Disabled Veterans: Opportunities to Use Your Abilities Comprehensive Department of Defense (DoD) site that provides information about education, employment and training opportunities to disabled veterans seeking positions with the Department of Defense.

The CompTIA Creating Futures Program for transitioning U.S. veterans, individuals with disabilities, youth-at-risk and dislocated workers offers opportunities to build life long, productive and rewarding careers in IT.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Official site of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Includes comprehensive information on veterans benefits and employment opportunities.

Consider Hiring a Veteran is an article from HR magazine with connections for hiring vets.

Wiserworker.com has a Veteran's Resource Center with links to education and career information.

Veterans with disabilities

As a skilled, well-trained armed-forces veteran, you possess significant qualities of value to civilian employers: You're strong, disciplined and focused.  You exhibit leadership and teamwork.  You perform well under pressure.  You have a proven track record and more real-world experience than most people your age.
As you can imagine, these are sought-after qualities in today's workforce.
Companies value people of integrity, discipline, strong ethics and can-do attitudes, all of which are core traits in military men and women.  

In job interviews, you'll find that hiring managers will respond positively when you give examples of situations where you solved problems, worked to support a team, took initiative to learn a new skill or improve an existing process, or made a contribution that moved your group toward the stated goal.  In fact, when we interviewed employers about whether they are open to hiring people with disabilities, they told us they don't care whether someone has a disability–their biggest challenge is finding enough high-quality job candidates who have the skills and trustworthiness that they seek.

Whether it's going back to your old job, seeking training in new skills, or starting fresh in a new career, there are people who can assist you.  You'll find services and programs here designed to assist today's disabled veterans transition into meaningful employment in the workforce.
And, thank you!  Your service and dedication to our country is deeply appreciated.

Here are some success stories of people who have returned from combat with disabilities and found employment.

Here's a story of a young man just returning from Iraq with a new disability. His determination to succeed and his great attitude are inspirational.

A vet talks about why vets make good employees.