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"Don't overlook your oppportunities because you see limitations."

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Meet Derec,who works at the Kern County DA's Office
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Testimonials from Employers

Real People, Real Jobs is a website highlighting the employment successes of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who are working in paid jobs in their communities.


Arthur Fortaliza cleans tables and chairs three mornings a week at Mira Mesa Lanes. The 43-year-old with Down syndrome is a mainstay there. More...


Success Stories

When you consider employing someone with a disability, the onus of desire, planning, and courage to “take the leap” is often heaped upon the person seeking the job. The common success story, about an individual overcoming great odds, is often about perseverance and triumph over adversity.

Can we look at the benefit to business that an employee with a special perspective might bring? Where might the application of perseverance and triumph over adversity benefit your company?

Consider the success achieved by Randy Lewis , senior vice president of distribution and logistics at Walgreens. The chain opened a new $175 million distribution center in Anderson, S.C. Lewis gained 20% efficiency over the chain’s older facilities, by using technology as the stone in his soup to draw people to the rich potential for employing folks with disabilities.Read more

A typical business can slash turnover rates and achieve significant cost savings by taking advantage of this proven loyal workforce. Learn how Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen and Halfaker & Associates tapped into the wealth of skills, dedication, discipline and can-do attitudes of our military wounded veterans returning from the war. Or consider these testimonials from employers who are currently reaping the benefits of employing workers with disabilities.

Disability Employment in the Hospitality Industry: Human Resources Considerations

Customers favor companies that hire and accommodate employees with disabilities as shown by the fact that 93% of customers surveyed said they would prefer to patronize a business that has people with disabilities in its workforce, says a recent study on the hospitality industry. Read more

There are actors with disabilities getting parts these days, as you'll see in Reclaiming Roles: Actors Play Beyond Disabilities.

Success stories come in many flavors and underscore how the success of one individual can bubble up; to buoy success for the team, department and organization as a whole.