Talent Knows No Limits
group of employees, including one in a wheelchair
"We can hire someone with a disability knowing that they will be able to function well in a disability-friendly environment."

Accommodations Resources




New California rules allow you to work and still keep your Medi-Cal health insurance and Workplace Personal Assistance–it’s explained in this brochure from CHIIP.

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides individualized accommodation solutions and technical assistance.

DisabilityInfo.gov is a comprehensive, well-organized resource which includes information on accommodations.

Video: Learning to Shine Despite Disability

Alliance for Technology Access is a national technology access network with resources to help people with disabilities increase their use of technology.

Free Assistive Technologies is an online, single stop library of free assistive technology software applications.

The California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) ) for people with limitations of hearing, vision, mobility, speech, and/or interpretation of information.

The California Relay Service (CRS) offers free operator-assisted relay of live telephone conversations between hearing- or speech-disabled people and anyone else, 24x7 in English and Spanish.

Job Accommodations

Everyone uses tools. Whether job tools are universal, like the Internet, or custom, like an adjustable workstation, they make life easier and bring newfound freedom. Other customizations provide the same positive benefits as tools – such as flexible schedules with rest breaks for a disability that produces fatigue, or the creation of an audio recording of a written procedure manual for a person whose disability makes it hard to understand written instructions.     

The list of resources to the right can help you become educated about accommodation options and the accommodations rights provided to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are links to terrific resources you and your employer might not be aware of.

These organizations are eager to help you identify and receive the tools and accommodations that will create a work environment where you have the freedom to be yourself and work to your full potential.

So don’t be shy about explaining what you need or asking for help to customize your tools and your job.   Most employers take pride in accommodating special requests from their customers to deliver a custom solution to meet the customer’s needs. Accommodating employees with a custom solution to meet their needs is no different.

Ernst & Young, one of the largest professional services firms in the world, has created a downloadable handbook for working with non-visible disabilities called Getting support, supporting others.

For those of you who are students, here is a link to a video and good information about how to ask for accommodations.

And, here are some success stories of real people with developmental or intellectual disabilities who have found ways to create accommodations in their jobs.