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"Employees ask that the ideal agency include support after the job is accepted. This may include training, counseling, or on-site visits."




I Can Work from California DOR .

Meet Derec, who works at the Kern County DA's Office.
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We offer a series of self-paced online trainings called Way to Work! Expanding Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities They are perfect for service providers such as staff of One-Stop Career Centers, benfits planners, and community or private rehabilitation programs.

Webinar Trainings
We offer trainings on numerous topics related to benefits planning.

San Diego State University has a degree program in Rehabilitation Counseling Article 
Degree Program

Blog for Service Providers
Praxis Disability Consulting works with service providers and individuals to provide solutions to the issues that clients and staff face working in the areas employment and general practice. Read more

Welcome Service Providers

As you work to maximize the career potential and on-the-job productivity for people with disabilities, we want to make it easy for you to find the best sources of information and ideas. Please use the list at left to locate the topics and resources that interest you.

Individuals served by public and private rehabilitation programs, schools, employment and vocational training programs, and benefits programs, can find it daunting to understand which support services are the best fit. They may need help to build job skills, land a new job, or perform well in a job—while incorporating their health needs and financial situation. Your specialized expertise provides them with a customized plan. And your personal leadership encourages them with the day-to-day steps that will bring their dream to life.

The information and resources throughout the Talent Knows No Limits website portal enable busy professionals to save time in locating resources, to have opportunities to network with other professionals and share best practices, and to continue to explore new areas of expertise needed to develop the essential skills required to achieve successful employment outcomes. So please jump in and explore the topic that most interests you!





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