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"Employers indicate that people with disabilities may make better employees because of their strong desire to be independent and keep their jobs. "

Resources about Older Workers


DisabilityInfo.gov is a comprehensive, well-organized resource for employers and job seekers.

"Tapping a Silver Mine" is an article from the March 2002 issue of HR Magazine on the challenges, opportunities, tips, and brief success stories of hiring older workers.

AARP offers a list of over 40 employers (compiled by AARP) that actively seek older workers.

Seniors4hire is an online community for those 50 and older and the companies that want to recruit them. It has a list of stereotypes about older workers, along with the reality.

Wiserworker.com has job listings nationwide, listings of job fairs, and other resources.










Older Workers

Here’s a group that represents an opportunity for you both before and after the onset of an employee’s disability.

New disabilities become more prevalent as employees get older. Losing the knowledge and experience of a seasoned employee who leaves makes a big impact. Results from a 2007 AARP survey of California employers show that “retaining and recruiting skilled employees are the top two issues facing their organization.”  (See the full AARP report here.)

Your employee retention rate can be strengthened by making a conscious effort to reach out to employees who are hit with a new disability.

Many of the accommodations you’d make for an older employee are similar to some that are made for an employee of any age who has a disability, such as adding flexibility to work schedules or shifting career tracks. A willingness to be a little bit creative in order to support a valuable employee goes a long way toward recruiting reliable, dedicated people who want to extend their career.

Many hiring managers genuinely don’t care about age. Others are excited to discover a mature, qualified candidate who has a track record – because they know from experience that it’s costly and time-consuming for them to start all over after training a junior person who doesn’t work out.

“So where can businesses find a dependable, steady workforce that has no plans to move up and out? A workforce dedicated to the job at hand and that takes pride in its work? Who will cost them less to hire, train and maintain? The answer? Older workers.”

-12 Benefits of Hiring Older Workers, Entrepreneur Magazine