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"Many employees with disabilities want to be challenged in the workplace and to find employment that will encourage them to stretch beyond what they feel they are capable of accomplishing."

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I Can Work. Meet Californians with disabilities who are making it work for them.

Work Incentives and Asset Building for People with Disabilities




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Does your dream include the feeling of being in financial control of your life, applying your skills and making a positive contribution at work with fellow colleagues? We’re a believer in that dream too. We want to present you with an array of resources to inspire you and to accelerate the process. Please use the list at left to locate the topics and resources that interest you.

In our research, we’ve heard from people with disabilities who want that sense of self-sufficiency and accomplishment. They know they have valuable skills and experience to offer an employer and they’re eager to receive training or job coaching to fill any gaps as they seek work.

Yet they have concerns about whether employers can offer an environment that allows needed flexibility and understanding when it comes to personal physical or mental limitations. After interviewing employers about hiring people with disabilities, we’re here to tell you that their foremost concern is how to find enough good people who really have the job skills and the integrity that they’re looking for. If you can bring that, trust us, the majority of employers in California want you to introduce yourself and apply to join their team!

And as for the frequent concern about losing critical benefits, be sure to start with our quick link to the Benefits to Work Calculators from Disability Benefits 101 and see how your benefits might change with a job. Here's a Webinar that explains work incentives and benefits in detail.

Explore the Talent Knows No Limits website portal to link to all kinds of information and resources. Allow yourself to dare to believe that it’s easier than you thought possible to find a fulfilling career.


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