Talent Knows No Limits
I hired Rachel because she is so intelligent, a great spokesperson, and she actually enjoys doing research
" I think that the bottom line is that it really isn't the disability, it is what they bring to the organization"

Resources for locating Job Seekers



Talent Knows No Limits
Jose at Northrup Grumman

The California Department of Rehabilitation matches employers with qualified job seekers. Find resources for employers on disability etiquette, disability law, government resources, and job accommodations.

The Society for Human Resource Management has a Disability Employment Resource Webpage with many resources for employers, including a job posting center.

Ability Jobs posts job opportunities and resumes, helping employers find qualified persons with disabilities as well as demonstrate their affirmative action and open door policies.

Cal Jobs
California's Internet system for linking employer job listings and job seeker resumes.

EDD Workforce Services Offices–By City
Locate nearest workforce services offices by city.

Hire Disability Solutions is a recruiting company that specializes in placing people with disabilities.

Job Accommodation Network webcasts for Employers

Recent webcasts are available, such as understanding and implementing accommodations, ADA updates, and how to Profit by Investing in Workers with Disabilities.
Archived webcasts



Employment of People with Disabilities

You want to hire based on talent. If a person has the ability, the disability doesn't make a difference.

Hiring great employees is about finding the people who can fill your job requirements and demonstrate personal traits such as trustworthiness, a strong worth ethic, and the ability to work as a team player.

We want to help you reach qualified job candidates so that more of them will apply for your open position and tell you what they can bring to your organization.

Our research shows that most employers genuinely want to hire more people with disabilities, but they rarely encounter them through their normal referrals, recruiters, and internet-based job postings. We can help you find where to access qualified candidates with disabilities.

Also, employers tell us they have a few unanswered questions that can cause them to hesitate.  Such as, what do workplace accommodations actually cost? (Two-thirds of accommodations cost less than $500, with many costing nothing.) See our Facts and Myths for straight-talking answers to many of the questions you may have.