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Benefits Planning Resources


To understand the benefit programs that fit your life situation when you go to work with a disability in California, Disability Benefits 101 is definitely the place to start.

Do you need to know how getting a job or changing jobs will affect your eligibility for federal disability benefits? The Benefits Assistance Resource Center can help.

New California rules allow you to work and still keep your Medi-Cal health insurance and Workplace Personal Assistance. It’s also explained in this brochure from CHIIP.

DB101 has upgraded and launched a new 2.0 version of its Benefits to Work Calculator, which shows how your benefits might change when taking a job, changing jobs or starting a business.

The Ticket to Work Program

The primary benefit of the Ticket program for SSA beneficiaries is that if they want to go back to work, the Ticket program will connect them with Employment Networks (ENs) that can help them reach their employment goals.

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Benefits Planning

Questions about potentially losing crucial disability benefits are at the top of the list for the majority of potential job seekers.  Here’s good news: Programs that provide health coverage and income support are being improved to remove barriers to employment. It’s easier now to keep your benefits if you become employed, and easier to get them back if you need to leave employment later. For example—

The other good news is that Benefits Planning is a subject that offers comprehensive resources to help you, from online help (such as California’s easy-to-use DisabilityBenefits101 website) to one-on-one assistance via telephone, local community information sessions, and county-based benefits planning professionals.

Here's a Webinar that explains work incentives and benefits in detail.

If fear of losing your benefits has you stuck in a rut, make a list of your questions and concerns. Then explore these resources to get the answers.

Think of this research as your first “on the job” training – it’s the project that ultimately will pay you the most, because it’s what will give you the information that gets you out of that rut. You’ll finally feel free to pursue your dream of employment, knowing that you’ll still have choices for coverage for important benefits that you can rely on.

Count your benefits

Here's a news item about what it's like in Australia, where the supports available to Californians are not so available. It's called Wanting to work isn't always enough. Includes a video. Posted April 15, 2011.