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Benefits Planning Resources


To understand the benefit programs related to working with a disability in California, Disability Benefits 101 is definitely the place to start.

To find out how getting a job or changing jobs will affect eligibility for federal disability benefits, see the Benefits Assistance Resource Center.

New California rules allow people with disabilities to work and still keep their Medi-Cal health insurance and Workplace Personal Assistance–it’s explained in this brochure from CHIIP. There's also an FAQ.

DB101 has upgraded and launched a new 2.0 version of its Benefits to Work Calculator, which shows how benefits might change when taking a job, changing jobs or starting a business.

The Red Book is Social Security's guide to employment supports.

Working While Disabled -- A Guide To Plans For Achieving Self-Support (PASS) helps clients set up a plan to keep their SSI while earning income toward a work goal.

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Benefits Planning

Questions about potentially losing crucial disability benefits are at the top of the list for the majority of potential job seekers.  Programs that provide health coverage and income support are being improved to remove barriers to employment. For example–

Watch a self-paced online training to learn more about Benefit Planning for People with Disabilities. It will increase your knowledge of public health benefits and work incentives, and understand the impact work has on these benefits.

Here's a Webinar for your clients that explains work incentives and benefits in detail.

The Ticket to Work Program can help SSA beneficiaries reach their employment goals. The primary benefit is that if they want to go back to work, the Ticket program will connect them with Employment Networks (ENs) that can help them reach their employment goals, AND by electing to participate in this program, when they assign their Ticket to an EN, the beneficiary can return to work without the risk of losing their SSA disability benefits.

For the EN, they can continue to do what they do best and get paid for it–this program will provide an additional source of revenue for every Ticket Holder assigned to their organization who returns to work.  And, if they want to expand their services, they can reach out to other beneficiaries who want to return to work and are in need of their assistance.