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group of employees, including one in a wheelchair
"We can hire someone with a disability knowing that they will be able to function well in a disability-friendly environment."

Job Accommodation Resources


The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides individualized accommodation solutions and technical assistance.

DoItMyselfBlog.com has a Checklist for Planning an Accessible Event to ensure that all attendees at your meetings feel welcomed.

The National Federation of the Blind has an active job posting board and many career and employer resources.

New California rules allow people to work and still keep their Medi-Cal health insurance and Workplace Personal Assistance.

Center for Accessible Technology provides access to computers for people with disabilities.

The California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) ) for people with limitations of hearing, vision, mobility, speech, and/or interpretation of information.

The California Relay Service (CRS) offers free operator-assisted relay of live telephone conversations between hearing- or speech-disabled people and anyone else, 24x7 in English and Spanish.

Don’t let a company’s Web site discourage a qualified job candidate with a disability. Review this list of Web accessibility standards from the U.S. Dept. Justice.

Designing More Usable Web Sites tells you how people with disabilities use the web, so that you can improve your website.

Job Accommodations Resources

Disability Etiquette and Interviewing Tips
Job Accommodations
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Everyone uses tools. Whether job tools are universal, like the Internet, or custom, like an adjustable workstation, they make life easier and bring newfound freedom. Other customizations provide the same positive benefits as tools – such as flexible schedules with rest breaks for people who have disabilities that produce fatigue, or the creation of an audio recording of a written procedure manual for a person whose disability makes it hard to understand written instructions.     

The links to the right provide resources to help you find out about accommodation options and the accommodations rights provided to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It also links you to terrific resources you might not be aware of.

Most employers take pride in accommodating special requests from their customers to deliver a custom solution to meet their needs. Accommodating employees with a custom solution to meet their needs is no different.

A simple conversation about a needed accommodation can make a world of difference when it comes to productivity and job satisfaction.

Watch a self-paced online training that will inform you about workplace accommodations called Diversity: Creating a Workplace that Works, or a more detailed training geared for rehabilitation service providers called Accommodations and Assistive Technology in the Workplace.