Talent Knows No Limits
" Don't overlook your opportunities because you see limitations."

Suggestions for Specific Accommodations

Many functional limitations and symptoms are common to many different types of disabilities.
Here is a list of common symptoms/limitations and suggested accommodations for each:

Attendance Issues

Chemical sensitivity

Difficulty handling stress & emotions

Difficulty working effectively with supervisors

Difficulty Maintaining Concentration

Difficulty Staying Organized and Meeting Deadlines


Fine Motor Impairment:

Gross Motor Impairment:

Hearing & Speech Impairments

Maintaining Stamina during the Workday

Medical Treatment Allowances:

Memory Deficits

Photosensitivity (Sensitivity to light)

Physical Limitations

Respiratory Difficulties:


Skin Irritations:

Sleep Disorder:

Temperature Sensitivity:

Visual Problems

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This information was developed in partnership with the EmployABILITY program of the City of Los Angeles Community Development Department, created in collaboration with the Los Angeles City Workforce Investment Board, to create career empowerment for persons with disabilities.

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