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Resume writing

The best way to catch the eye of a potential employer is to have a great resume. A resume is the most effective way to tell a potential employer about you, your work, school and volunteer experience. You can include any awards that you may have won, school projects that you have participated in, volunteer work you’ve completed, and any prior job experience that you may have. There are a number of resources available to help you put together a winning resume and put you at the top of the list!

One agency that can be very helpful to you when you are ready to write your resume is the One Stop Career Center that we will talk about later in this guide. They can show you how to create a very professional resume that will impress a potential employer and help you get the job you want and deserve! Here’s what a resume looks like with tips and ideas on how to write your own.

Tips for Preparing a Resume:

  • List your jobs starting with your current or most recent job. Give exact dates for each job.
  • Briefly describe the main duties you performed in each job.
  • Emphasize duties that are important to the job for which you are applying.
  • Use simple, short, active sentences.
  • Include scholarships, honors and major school subjects if related to your job goal.

See CD for PDF of sample resume

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