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Look for the health care forms in the resource section of this guide. They’ll help you keep your information updated so that you’re always ready when you visit your doctor. They’re also available on CD.



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On Your Own...Almost

Ages 15-17

You’re no longer a kid, but you’re not quite an adult. It’s tough being right in the middle. You’re expected to be responsible, and some of the things you have to be responsible for can be very heavy-duty…like your health. It can be a lot of work to manage a disability or a medical condition and although you’d rather spend time going out with friends, it’s important that you take time to think about your health, understand it, and start to manage it.

The ability to manage your health care may allow you to live independently. It’s a big undertaking, but like everything else, (like playing video games), it just takes time to learn. The best part of taking control of your health situation is that the adults in your life will listen to your input and opinions, because they know that you have taken the time to learn and are interested in being responsible for your future. Learning, developing, and practicing the skills that will help you live a successful independent life will ultimately allow you to focus on the things that make life worthwhile. You know, the “3 F’s” — friends, family, and fun.

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