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About Transition

Every day comes with some kind of change. Sometimes it's a little change, sometimes it's a big one. And, because growing up with a disability can come with certain challenges, the better prepared you are to meet them, the more likely you'll be to reach your goals.

You now get to make choices you've never had to make before - choices on things like health care, education, employment, finances, independent living, and even new social and recreational choices. These new choices come with new ways of doing things, so knowing where to find resources that can help you is a good thing. This information guide will help you and your family make plans that will help you become the successful adult you have the potential to be. It offers you tips and work sheets to help you learn how to take a more active role in your own life decisions.

Even though there will be challenges along the way, the choices that you are about to make for your future are very exciting! All of the resources that you need to make the right decisions as you transition into adulthood are right here in this guide, including "Tips for Parents" sections.  These sections will give you the opportunity to work together with your parents as you transition into independence. You can share this website with them or even print out the "Tips for Parents" sections to help start a conversation about how you can begin doing things on your own.  Using the resources in this guide and working together with your family, you can do anything you dream of because...Talent Knows No Limits.


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