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Look for the health care forms in the resource section of this guide. They’ll help you keep your health care information updated so that you’re always ready when you visit your doctor. They’re also available on CD.


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Start to Take Charge

Ages 12-14

There are lots of new things to think about now that you are transitioning from a child to a teen. As you work your way from grammar school to middle school and beyond, you will be able to start making more decisions for yourself. Not only will you get to adjust the way you go to school, do homework and spend your free time, you’ll adjust to some dramatic physical changes too!

Your body is on physical overload, at least, it feels like that sometimes. But, these changes are normal and it’s important that you understand how they impact your health care situation and needs. Up to this point, your parents made all health-related decisions for you— they reminded you to take your medications, they chose and talked to your doctor, and decided what was best for you. Now, it’s time to start taking charge. The more you know about your body and its needs, the better off you’ll be. Your parents aren’t going to be around to watch you every minute of the day, so you get to be responsible for the activities that help keep you healthy.

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