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Transition Planning For Your Future

What is Transition Planning?

Transition planning is the process of laying out the steps that will help you transition from an adolescent to an independent adult. It's the time when you plan for what will happen after you leave high school and enter into life as a young adult. Whether you are pre- paring for post-secondary education (for example -- education beyond high school such as college, vocational or trade school) or preparing for a job, transition planning is an ongoing process that requires you to be actively involved in decision-making while also involving your family, your school and community agencies.

This section on Education will provide you with information, work- sheets and guides to help you, your family, and your school establish a transition plan, as well as present you with resource sites dedicated to helping you become the successful adult you have the potential to be. There is a section with helpful tips for parents and family members too, and how they can help support you as you begin to think about life as an adult.

High school is just the start of the road toward a fulfilling life...what follows after are new challenges and new possibilities. The more you know about what to expect the better you'll thrive!

So, let's get started.


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