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Alternative to College

College is not for everyone, but the chance to live a fulfilling life after high school is! Vocational training can be a good option in many cases and there are many resources available to get you started.

The Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides vocational and occupational training. There are local chapters across the country so check online for the office in your area. In addition, the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), as mentioned previously, offers employment-related counseling, training, and even job placement. Following is a short list of additional sites you can access for information on post-high school job training. – Association of Regional Occupation Centers – provides vocational training. – work development services for all job seekers and employers.

Plus, check out the Drive of Your Life website at – it provides great online tools for learning about yourself, higher education and different careers.

What Life is All About!

College or any type of post-secondary education or training can be the most exciting time of your life. It's the time when you will learn to be on your own, meet new people, see new things and start a path toward the most independent life possible for you. Take full advantage of every resource, family and friend, ask questions, make lists, don't limit yourself, and be honest about what you want and what you are capable of. And most of all…enjoy yourself!