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Taking notes

Planning for Life After High School

Get Involved Now

It's never too early to become involved in activities and programs that will lead you to a successful post-high school experience. Think about school related clubs, student council, volunteering, internships and work-study programs. These extra curricular activities are terrific ways to learn new things, gather information and expand your thinking. Plus:

  • it looks good on your college application and helps you figure out
    your interests.
  • it's a great way to gain valuable experience and build your resume.
  • it's a great way to make new friends!

Getting acquainted with college.

Preparing to choose a college is exciting and can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun! Here are some suggestions to help make it less overwhelming.

  • Visit the schools you are interested in – be sure to carefully review the campus topography and buildings in case mobility is an issue.
  • Gather information regarding entrance exams and whether exam accommodations will be provided.
  • Connect with the school's disabled student services office.
  • If the college has on-campus housing, visit dorms and other living accommodations — develop a plan if personal care assistance will be needed (see "Independent Living" chapter in this toolkit for more information on personal care assistance).
  • Plan for financial funding. This is a big one. The following websites provide useful information on scholarships, grants and more. Be sure to visit the college Financial Aid Office. – Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) – may be able to pay for post-secondary education related to an employment goal. However, even if such financial support is approved, you will need to apply for federal financial aid grants (not loans) in order for DOR to pay for you to attend college. – Board of Governors (BOG) – sets guidelines for colleges. If eligible, the BOG waives some community colleges fees. – info on obtaining financial aid for post-secondary education – info on financial aid for college and career training – largest database for scholarships, plus financial aid and tips on student life – online search site for scholarships, internships, grants and loans. – scholarship fund – financial aid and scholarships.



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